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Natural Nail Enhancement with BIAB treatment

Art & Custom Design

I recommend you to read the treatment options to make sure you have chosen the best fit for your personal needs.

Read more about our treatment options

From wall flower to drag queen
Everyone is welcome here

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Treatment options
I am super duperrrr happy with my new nails!!



what is BIAB

BIAB is short for 'Builder In A Bottle'. It's like gel polish and acryl/gel get a baby. It is way more natural than the nail extensions. And stronger than gel polish. BIAB will give you this extra strengthening layer that will make your nail enhancement last easily up to 4 weeks without breaking, tearing, or chipping. 



Would you like to have a strong yet durable coating on your natural nails, where we will work with the natural length of the nail? Then BIAB is your best option. This product is stronger than gel color alone and has a more natural look than gel, acryl and polygel. 

BIAB has become very popular over the past couple of years. With great reason, as it easily  lasts up to 4 weeks without breaking or chipping. It can be covered with all colors of the rainbow and is a pretty fast treatment with amazing results. So whether you just like to look cute or actually need a strengthening product, this is the best option for you.



There are two options within the BIAB treatment.


This all depends on the desired length of your natural nails. Are you more into short nails, meaning max. 4mm above the finger? In this case choose option SHORTY.

Or would you like to have some more length, where the natural nail is between 4-10mm above the finger? Then select option LENGHTY. This has to do with the duration of your treatment.

Also, whenever a nail breaks in between appointments, we can easily extend the natural nail to catch up with your other nails.



A great nail stylist knows how to take proper care of your natural nails.

Whenever you come in for a refresh set of BIAB, we need to take off the majority of the old  product. With great care and an eye for detail, we will use an e-fill to remove the product without damaging to your natural nails. In this way, you can endlessly refresh your nails, without them becoming weak or thin. 

Furthermore, if you for any reason, feel the need to take off all product we will soak off the BIAB, so we do not touch your natural nail with hard drill bits. With this method, your nails will stay healthy.

biab treatment


BIAB - Natural Nail Enhancement

NEW SET - SHORTY - 75 MIN - €59
NEW SET - LENGTHY - 105 MIN - €69


Art & Design


(After) Care


Self Care Add-On


I recommend you to read the treatment options to make sure you have chosen the best fit for your personal needs.

Read more about our treatment options


This is what 'The Nail Kink' is known for. Art is a way to express yourself! Whether it is a shiny chrome top or a detailed costum made design. In here we have it all! 

If you have anything specific in mind that you would like to be created on your nails, feel free to contact us. Send us your inspiration and we will take it from there.


Sacred Silence - Add On

There is nothing more nourishing than being able to express your needs and desires. To let go of the social rules to have and keep a conversation. Whenever you desire to have your treatment be done in silence, just add this to your booking or tell Melinde when you feel the need, and she will be happy to hold your space and still create some beautiful art pieces in the meantime.

Self Love Add-Ons

Love starts with knowing you are worthy of being cared for.

Healing Hand Massage

Soon there will be more

Close your eyes and let yourself sink into a gentle hand massage. Where there will be use of some healing energy to recharge your cup of love. Our hands are the extensions of the heart space.

A hand massage will do great for your inner flow, and just adds this deeper layer of your time at the studio, where it's all about that precious time without life's hassle.

+ € 17,50

Impression of your experience

A creative nail space like no other

About Melinde

At the age of 14, I knew I wanted to be a nail stylist.

It was a YouTube video where the spark sparked. Some lady made nail art using regular nail polish. Back then, gel polish did not even exist. At the age of 17, during high school, I did my education in professional nail styling. And at the age of 18, I opened a nail salon back where I used to live. My dream came to live. And I loved every second of it, until my 24th, I felt the need for change with a series of unexpected events. I closed my salon, sold 95% of my belongings and moved to a new place. Where I gave space to develop myself more as a human being. As this is also where I found a passion for sexuality and spirituality. At some point, I found myself starting offering services as an Intimacy Provider and still love this carrier I have made from being a sex worker.

And now at the age of 27, the spark of creating art on very tiny canvasses, connecting with people and having a creative space to express my active mind is what this next chapter of my life will be. With that, I hope to welcome all kinds of people in the Nail Kink's Space to feel free within what they want to express and stand for what they believe in. 


I recommend you to read the treatment options to make sure you have chosen the best fit for your personal needs.

Read more about our treatment options

Do you also welcome trans, man, non-binary etc. people?

In my studio I love to welcome all people that desire a beautiful set of nails. From my perspective nails do not hold a gender bound relation. It's about decoration, transformation, and enhancement of what we experience from the inside.

Personal Experience
Can I bring someone to my appointment?

You're welcome to bring a friend/lover along. Yet, note that the studio is not kid-friendly with the decoration and such. Also, from previous experience, whenever you bring a child, you will not be able to sit still as much as I need you to do so. In general, I advise you to come by yourself and take this moment for yourself.

Products & Services
When do I need a refresh for BIAB?

We advise coming in about every 4 weeks. Some people prefer sooner, which is always welcome. Yet if you go longer than 4 weeks, it can happen that nails break, tear or start to chip. When this happens, your natural nail can be damaged, and it's even possible that, because of the space between the natural nail and product, bacteria is going to grow and create nasty conditions. 

Do you offer pedicure/feet treatments?

No, we currently we only work on fingernails. As we do not have the right equipment to properly take care of your feet.

I have products on my nails coming from a previous studio, how do you take care of this?

My highest awareness as a professional nail stylist is to maintain the health of your natural nails. Yet, as I can't rely on services done by other studios, I need to take off all remaining products on your nails with the highest care to not damage your natural nails. For this, we charge an extra fee of €25. The risks are too high when someone else didn't prepare and disinfect the nails as one should, a bacterial infection will be possible. Furthermore, we don't know how different brands/products will react when coming in contact. 

Are the used products vegan/cruelty-free?

We work with 2 main brands Gelish and Crystal Nails. They are both cruelty-free. And Gelish is also a vegan brand. 

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a 10% on all treatments for people working within the sex work industry. Just because I want to support my colleagues. :)

What is the cancellation policy?

When cancelation happens within 36 hours - using text, chat, or mail - of your appointment, you will have to pay the full price of the service. When you desire to cancel and not reschedule (before 36 hours) you will at all times lose your deposit made on the website. If you cancel your appointment before 36 hours and reschedule using chat, text, mail then your deposit can be once transferred to the next appointment.

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